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5 Signs You Need to Seek Help for Addiction

One of the most difficult parts of struggling with addiction is admitting the struggle to yourself. It’s easy to justify your addictive behaviors by telling yourself you’ve just had a rough day, or need to blow off a little steam, or vowing that you’ll tone it down...

Tips for Preventing Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a problem that’s been running rampant for a very long time– pretty much as long as psychoactive or mood-altering substances have existed, people have been using or abusing them. It’s by no means a new problem; it’s an ancient problem that humans are...

sriracha pecans

Couscous coconut rice maple orange tempeh sriracha pecans pineapple salsa chilies strawberry spinach salad elderberry portobello mushrooms blueberry chia seed jam broccoli figs pumpkin alfalfa sprouts overflowing Sicilian pistachio pesto crunchy chai tea peppermint...