What to Expect

When we have finished reviewing your assessment and verifying your insurance, we’ll reach out in order to start the process so you can arrive at our facility and start your treatment. 

Upon arrival, our nurses will conduct a physical assessment. You’ll also be asked some further questions about your history of substance use, and other relevant information so we can create the best treatment plan for you.

Once you’ve gotten settled, you’ll be attending group and individual therapy sessions and meetings, and participating in life around the facility.

Daily life for clients includes: 40 hours of clinical treatment each week through individual and group counseling.

While not in group, you’ll have time to work on assignments, begin working the 12 Steps, work with your sponsor, attend recovery meetings, and more.

We also have a sand volleyball court, tennis courts, basketball, fishing, and more. You can enjoy these activities on the weekends, or during off hours.