Substance abuse can wreak havoc on just about every single part of an individual’s life– it’s nearly impossible to maintain a normal life when actively abusing substances.

While substance abuse may require you to forego many things in your life, your productivity might be one of the biggest casualties of active addiction.

Impaired cognitive function

Substance abuse, regardless of the chosen substance, has negative effects on cognitive function. This affects critical skills required for productivity. Drugs and alcohol can disrupt memory, concentration, decision-making skills and impulse control, and problem-solving skills.

These impairments hinder productivity and make it difficult to truly “show up” for just about any aspect of your life. In the workplace, the quality and efficiency of your work performance will be majorly and negatively impacted.

Absenteeism and tardiness

It’s often said that, to someone struggling with active addiction, there’s nothing more important to them than the next time they’ll obtain and use their substance of choice.

This, plus the physical and emotional toll of addiction, can lead to frequent absences from work or late arrivals– subsequently compromising productivity and disrupting general workflow.

This absenteeism doesn’t just affect substance users’ professional lives– it impacts every aspect of their lives. This means that someone struggling with addiction is unlikely to be able to spend quality time with loved ones or be there to support them during major life events.

For both professional and personal relationships, this absenteeism can have massive negative consequences. Erratic behavior, mood swings, and decreased reliability associated with substance abuse can alienate colleagues and loved ones.

Decreased work performance

Substance abuse diminishes overall work performance, regardless of industry.

Individuals who are under the influence, or focused on obtaining their substance of choice, will most likely struggle with meeting deadlines and producing quality work.

When it comes to personal organization, this is especially true. When focused on active addiction, substance users’ personal finances and living spaces will almost definitely be seriously affected.

Decline in energy and motivation

Addiction drains your physical and mental energy. The toll it takes on you will be reflected in your work performance and every other aspect of your life.

Individuals in the throes of active addiction will prioritize substance use over personal and professional obligations– and as relationships and work performance suffers, it becomes increasingly likely for a substance user to lose their job or lose touch with some of the most important people in their life.

Stress and life transitions

When someone is entirely focused on substance use, they’re most likely not spending too much time focused on personal growth and self-improvement, let alone professional development.

Individuals who are struggling with addiction may become stagnant in their careers and personal relationships, missing out on opportunities for advancement or skill enhancement. This lack of progress can diminish long-term prospects, both personally and professionally.

Is it time to seek help?

Addiction takes a heavy toll on personal productivity, affecting cognitive function, work performance, relationships, time management, and overall wellbeing.

If you or a loved one are currently experiencing this, it might be time to seek professional help. At Pecan Haven, we’re here to help you get your life back on track. Taking the first step is as simple as giving us a call or filling out our online assessment.